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The Totally DIY – Totally tools show in Coventry 2015, was where the Marxman Pen was officially launched and we had stock for sale for the first time.

Martin had chosen this event as he had spent years visiting the venue when he was a maintenance man, and had booked this show 1 year in advance for the Marxman Pen debut. Confident that by then we would have someone ready to manufacture the Marxman for us, however in Aug 2014 it was obvious that the prototype samples were not up to the standard Martin was looking for.

Martin took a 3-month break from his day job in order to solve the problems by himself and cutting it extremely fine he found Replas moulding and machinery in November and what a find it proved to be! Replas put in a lot of overtime over the Christmas period, especially the head tool maker, who is a genius and they managed to miraculously deliver the components we needed by 8pm the evening before the launch!

Martin, Jenny and family then stayed up all night assembling the Marxman ready for the launch at 11:30am the next day in Coventry. PHEW!!

Due to this hard work and toght deadlines, we were SO proud when they called Martin’s name in the award ceremony and said Marxman was the winner of Best DIY Product in the new product showcase, it was more than we could have hoped for.

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